Valeria Yamamoto


Valeria Yamamoto is a Japanese-Argentinian artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has studied and worked in the field of Graphic Design back in her country; then she moved to Miami, Florida in 2001 where she replanted and followed her dream career. She gained her BFA in sculpture at the Florida International University.

Most of Yamamoto’s sculptures are inspired by a study of organic forms found in the natural world, or as reaction to her environment. Sometimes Yamamoto’s abstract and ambiguous pieces seem to fuse the Animal and Plant Kingdoms. She has worked in a wide range of materials and formats.

Her body of work includes small fragile pieces made of unfired porcelain and eggshell, to 6 feet tall sculpture built with cement; as well an ephemeral overwhelming installation created by 400 birds (casting on hydrocal) showing a flying flock of birds. Yamamoto’s work has been shown in several exhibitions thought galleries and museums in the United States, including the Frost Art Museum, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, and Art Vision Gallery. One of hers large sculptures has been selected for the Third Biennial Sculpture Exhibition in Chattanooga, Tennessee and 10th Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition. Polk Museum of Art. Winter Haven, FL.

Studio #4
Medium: Sculpture
Birth Place: Argentina

Phone: 786.351.0608