Troy Simmons

 I have an intense fascination with the Brutalist Architecture movement of the 1950’s. Concrete, color fields and organic abstract forms help express my thoughts and beliefs, serving as a narrator for my day to day experiences. The inspiration for my work is drawn from the evolution of our social structure and nature’s persistence to coexist. 

Through my current work, I explore social behavior, depression, relationships, aging and prosperity. My experience with these topics help fuel my passion to create art that tells my life story. 

 Simmons utilizes building materials such as concrete, wood and aluminum, to create works that blur the lines between painting, wall relief and sculptural installation. These raw materials are combined with meticulously hand cut aluminum (flat bars) that create complex geometric shapes, patterns and line work. Simmons’ mix of acrylic paint and industrial grade polymers, produce an explosion of colors birthed from mundane construction material. This series of work provokes curiosity, exposing what’s beneath the surface. Simmons’ background in environmental science and architecture was the catalyst for these unrestricted experiments that delve into color, materiality and structure. 

Troy Simmons was born in Texas and currently lives in Miami, FL. He has an educational background in Environmental Science and Architecture. Simmons' work is influenced by nature and the Brutalist Architecture movement of the 1950’s. 

Early childhood explorations through the piney woods of East Texas inspired his creativity. He saw a parallel between his upbringing in the urban neighborhoods of Houston Texas and the destructive yet necessary growth patterns of a plant by the name Berchemia scandens. This encounter was the catalyst that sparked an ongoing interest in art, architecture and nature. 

Studio #27
Medium: Mixed Media Artist
Birth Place: USA

Phone: 305.527.2883