Scott Brennan 


Scott Brennan is a photographer and writer.  His work has appeared in a number of magazines, including Smithsonian, Harvard Review, Witness, and The Gettysburg Review.  Additionally, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art Gallery, Luna Star, The Brattleboro Museum of Art, B. Florentine, and The Taplin Gallery.  


"My photography attempts to capture the uneasy tension between human-made things and nature.  There are endless details to notice within the city--sometimes with appreciation, sometimes with revulsion, and sometimes with ironic humor.  A walk through an urban neighborhood, an industrial zone, a parking garage, or a commercial area reveals damage, decay, renewal, and repair.  Always one sees the slow abandonment of the obsolete, the concrete and the cars.  Yet, oftentimes the urban landscape, even in its most banal and blighted state, possesses a quite beauty.  Like all landscapes, it remains subject to the timelessness of light and shadow the photograph preserves and makes visible."



Studio #42
Medium: Photography