Sarah Henderson


Sarah Henderson was born in Miami, Florida in 1986. After receiving her BFA in Photography and Imaging from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Henderson returned to Florida where she began her artistic career as a juried resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex in 2013. Since then, Henderson has explored themes of femininity, tropical life, and patterns in nature through kaleidoscopic landscape wallpapers and geometric photos. She merges photography, printmaking and large‐scale images, often constructing dreamy environments with installations she creates by layering and overlapping photographs to create intensely colorful designs. Henderson has exhibited throughout South Florida at art institutions such as Artium Gallery, the Bailey Contemporary Art Center, Pinecrest Tropical Gardens, Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, The Boca Raton Museum of Art, and Art Wynwood. Her work has been featured on contemporary online art publication, The Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, and she was recently interviewed by the Rocking Chair Sessions podcast.

"Visually, I strive for theatrics.
The mix of light, energy, and sensitivity, create my aesthetic soliloquy.
In an effort to create dramatically compelling images,
(ones that sing, that symbolize my minds script)
I photograph that which make me feel very much alive.

I often explore the idea of the modern day still-life, and how I can use photography to represent the nuances of the present day.
A scene, a mood, and an era are set immediately by the glory of color, the vibrancy of a figure, and the whimsy of a passing shadow.
What moves me is the awesome ability of film to capture a reality,
a pinch of time-
my moment, ingrained, with the help of light.

I am drawn to polaroid processes for their immediacy and purity.
By making a copy of (my) reality, I have become a photographic documentarian.
My images are archives in the library of my visual history."

Studio #33
Birth Place: USA
Medium: Photography

Phone: 305-582-6088