Sarah Henderson


"Visually, I strive for theatrics.
The mix of light, energy, and sensitivity, create my aesthetic soliloquy.
In an effort to create dramatically compelling images,
(ones that sing, that symbolize my minds script)
I photograph that which make me feel very much alive.

I often explore the idea of the modern day still-life, and how I can use photography to represent the nuances of the present day.
A scene, a mood, and an era are set immediately by the glory of color, the vibrancy of a figure, and the whimsy of a passing shadow.
What moves me is the awesome ability of film to capture a reality,
a pinch of time-
my moment, ingrained, with the help of light.

I am drawn to polaroid processes for their immediacy and purity.
By making a copy of (my) reality, I have become a photographic documentarian.
My images are archives in the library of my visual history."

Studio #28
Birth Place: USA
Medium: Photography

Phone: 305-582-6088