Pamela Palma


Pamela Palma uses fiber arts as her means of artistic expression. Textiles are in her DNA and have been her constant companion since childhood, even as her career path utilized other mediums. An accidental weaver, Pamela dodged opportunities to weave for years until she returned to university as an adult and was required to weave for her Design in Fibers degree. She fell in love with the magic of it, watching as cloth forms before her eyes. Fabric simply flows from her fingers as if she were born for the purpose of manipulating color and texture in endless variations of possibility. She quickly learned to read and interpret pattern drafts (which strongly resemble musical scores) to create contemporary weavings that transcend traditional craft. Her work is fine art in fiber.

Her art relays information, tells stories, and asks questions trough the aesthetic formats of coded woven language. Her work transduces the time space continuum, bringing the past through the present to create the future in contemporary context. Dyeing yarn to make distinctive wearables, incorporating her printed art fabrics and surprise materials into her wall panels, and simply weaving beautiful, useful objects, her work is recognized, collected and exhibited internationally under her label, Pamela Palma Designs.

A Bakehouse artist since 2013, Pamela’s work has grown significantly. Encouraged by former associate director of exhibitions for the BAC, Ananda De Mello who asked for tapestries that can hang horizontally (weaving is generally a vertical process), Pamela produced three mega tapestries, her Etheric Blueprints series, each measuring 45 inches by 20 feet, each one is visually and metaphysically unique yet related through the consistency of a manipulated, traditional pattern structure.  Each tapestry panel took six months to design, create, and complete.

Pamela Palma has a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She is the founding director of Fantastic Fibers Miami, a guild for fiber artists; she serves on the board of the American Tapestry Alliance, an international organization of tapestry artists. Her community work includes program development, fundraising, and teaching.

My tapestry, “Green Diamonds,” is one of 45 tapestries selected from 130 entries into the juried exhibition Small Tapestries International 4: Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovation. Sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance,it will travel to four venues over the course of 2015 and 2016.

This is my second traveling exhibition this year. (See post 1-17-2015

It is quite an honor to be included among master weavers in this prestigious exhibition. “Green Diamonds” exemplifies my contemporary tapestry work in which I engage traditional weaving methods and patterning. It is my platform to create visual statements referencing contemporary social fabric in a consumer-driven economy.

This art work was inspired by the luxury high rise condo building of the same name on Miami Beach, its diamond peaks illuminated nightly. A hand woven ground of black linen sets off the double diamonds, adapted from a universal weaving pattern, accentuated by a flourish of green, gold, and currency.

Small Tapestries International 4: Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovationopens in June, 2015 at the Hanchy Gallery in Natchitoches, LA. October 2, 2015, it opens at the Biggs Museum of Art in Dover, DE. The tour commences with the  January – March, 2016 exhibition at Artspace, in Raleigh, NC.

Studio #41
Medium: Fiber Art & Textile Design
Birth Place: USA