Our Mission

Bakehouse envisions a world that supports and values artists and recognizes their ability to shape, reflect, and transform our world. Its mission is to address the need for affordable living and work spaces for artists in Miami’s urban core. The Bakehouse Art Complex is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit institution.

Since its inception in 1986, the Bakehouse Art Complex has provided emerging and mid-career artists with the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic endeavors. Visitors may meet artists, especially during quarterly Open Studios, and have the opportunity to discuss or observe their creative process.

As home to more than 100 working artists, Bakehouse builds community, facilitates creative exchange and provides the opportunity for artists to collaborate, learn from, inspire, and encourage each other. Access to working facilities and skilled, experienced peers is one of the reasons artists seek studios at the Bakehouse. Also included onsite are two programmed exhibition galleries, a project space, classroom, print room, photo lab, ceramic room and kiln facilities, wood shop, and welding areas.

We invite you to experience art. Attend an exhibition reception. Become a collector. Take a class. Host an event. Support Bakehouse.