Bakehouse Artists Summer Exhibition

Audrey Love Gallery

On-View:  August 9 – August 30

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Atmospheric Perspective

Swenson Gallery

On-View:  August 9 – August 30



Atmospheric Perspective is the exploration of imagined landscapes through impaired perceptions. Merging and articulating her personal experience as the character Leonafire, Alejandra Suarez voices Atmospheric Perspective through abstracted landscape paintings.

Diagnosed with “Bilateral Optic Nerve Neuropathy”. Alejandra Suarez reflected on expressing a body of work that best describes her day-to-day struggles as an extension for the audience to understand her diagnosis. The landscapes are portrayed as exquisitely unexpected and in constant array.

As a resident of the Bakehouse Art Complex since 2017, Alejandra Suarez presents Leonafire’s Atmospheric Perspective. This exhibition assembles her creativeness and fearless attitude towards her disability. Voiced through landscape paintings of both acrylic and oil.