Audrey Love Gallery

On-View:  June 28–July 14, 2018


CONFIGURATION is a project examining the nuances of the human body in space. Philosophical and poetic, CONFIGURATION pairs works from Teresa Dempsey and Whitney Ramage who share interests that orbit time, space, and the human body.

Over a thirty-year age divide, both artists explore conceptions of self and the body in relation to the world. Dempsey works with corporeal dimensions and the history of measurements; most of which are derived from the human body. Ramage explores embodiment and disembodiment and the relation of body to world by articulating the volume of her own body into a variety of media and circumstances.

These two artists have found their work in conversation with each other. Recently they set aside time in a shared studio to intentionally cross-pollinate while in residence at The Bakehouse Art Complex during the winter of 2018. This collaborative conjunction has yielded a body of work that is undeniably female and caresses the edges of concepts such as death, lifecycles, and birth.



Swenson Gallery

On-View:  June 28–July 14, 2018


Paintings by Jason Aponte and Nicole Maynard-Sahar

This exhibition takes the work of two painters with different levels of abstraction and puts them side by side. Nicole Maynard-Sahar chooses to stop painting at a place that’s less explicit as Jason Aponte, while Aponte plays with the way forms dissipate. How do these considerations affect the way viewers perceive their concepts?

In addition to their individual paintings, digital prints showing close-ups of each artist’s work will be on display, challenging viewers to identify whose brushstrokes are whose. The investigation is extended in a collaborative triptych that combines the two artists’ vision.

The foundation or “bedrock” of the artists’ work is a shared belief in the powerful process of making and viewing paintings.