Image: Jairo Alfonso. 362. 2012 (Detail)

Image: Jairo Alfonso. 362. 2012 (Detail)

AUTOPIA: Road Trips from the Cold War to the Present

Curated by Elvis Fuentes and Gabriela M. Fernandez

Audrey Love Gallery

On-View Nov 28, 2016 - Jan 13, 2017

Autopia explores the ubiquitous presence of the automobile in contemporary culture. “Autopia” combines the words auto and Utopia to highlight the importance that the car industry played as one of the paramount symbols of progress in the 20th Century. What is its place in contemporary culture? Does car culture remain central to our ideal of progress? In this exhibition, the legacy of automobiles is being reviewed and reassessed through the work of artists from three continents.

The exhibition is divided in four thematic groups, dealing with the central role of cars in the American High/Way of Life, the USA-USSR fight for consumers’ hearts and minds during the Cold War, the impact of automobiles in the natural realm, and the ways in which it has affected human lives, rewriting maps through commerce and migration, and changing urban centers like Miami.

Participating artists include:
Jairo Alfonso, Adrián Balseca, Yael Bartana, César Beltrán, Timothy Buwalda, Carlos Luis DeMedeiros, Rigoberto Díaz Martínez, Daniel Evans, Luis Gispert, Pablo Helguera, Alex Heria, Marisa Jahn, Ernesto Kunde, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Carlos Marcial, Frank E. Martínez, Julio César Morales, Alex Núñez, Rob Pruitt, Rubert Quintana, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Jorge Rodríguez Díez, Betsabée Romero, Peter Sarkisian, Daniel Silvo, Pedro Vizcaíno

 Aparna Jayakumar. From the series Goodbye Padmini. 2011

 Aparna Jayakumar. From the series Goodbye Padmini. 2011

Goodbye Padmini

By Aparna Jayakumar 

Swenson Gallery

On-View Nov 28, 2016 - Jan 2, 2017

The exhibition is the first solo show of acclaimed Doha-based artist Aparna Jayakumar in America. We are presenting works from her series Goodbye Padmini, a photographic documentation of the classic Mumbai taxis and the culture around them, which is rapidly disappearing, along with the vehicles. In addition to the photographs, an homage to the iconic vehicle will be installed as a pooja comprised of Padmini material culture sourced by the artist in a recent trip home. On view at the Bakehouse Art Complex November 28, 2016 – January 2, 2017 in the Swenson Gallery. Opening Reception with the artist Monday, November 28 from 7-9pm