Monique Lazard


When I was a young girl I spent my Saturdays in the art department at the Junior Museum creating still life drawings. One day my teacher showed me her portfolio of costume illustrations and I was stunned. I was so electrified by her drawings that from that moment on I knew where I wanted to direct my talent. My first job as a Fashion Illustrator launched me into a 15 year career in commercial art.

There was no doubt in my mind that someday I would become a fine artist, it was just a matter of... when! In 1989 I moved to Telluride Colorado and fell in love with the San Juan Mountains. I began to spend entire days in the wilderness painting the endless vistas.

What I try to achieve in a painting is the expression of beauty no matter what form the subject matter tales. It could be light leaving the day or a person sitting in a chair. My aim is to paint the light and color that describes what I see. My experience of  painting is impulsive and  fluid, rather that an organized plan of action. When I paint I am connecting to the excitement I feel when I see something that registers as beautiful to me. That doesn’t mean that if I am painting a person, that that person needs to meet a certain standard of beauty. What I mean is that I might Ideally be able translate what I see into something beautiful. My focus is on the magic!

Studio #12
Medium: Painting
Birth Place: USA

Phone: 484.343.0958