Mike Rivamonte


"Objects are very powerful and can evoke recollections of memories and experiences. Time machines - symbolic, historical, we identify them as a part of who we are or were and assign them significance and value. They can be personal or collective and pass from generation to generation or across cultures. I explores these relationships introducing some viewers to objects that have made the journey through time and reconnecting others to memories of their past.

I am drawn to their individual tales and aesthetics. Some bear the marks of time: wear from use, decades of weather and countless years forgotten in a barn or attic. Others show evidence of their former owners – a child’s name, a tradesman’s initials or skilled engraver’s dedication.

In the finished piece, bolts and screws are hidden to enhance the illusion of the parts creating a harmony. Viewers share their knowledge and experiences with objects they discover in the work and this ultimately becomes integrated into its universal collective story of each piece."

Studio #43 & 1A
Medium: Sculpture

Phone: 786.281.9749
Email: mike@mrivamonte.com
Website: www.rivamonterobots.com