Lauren Swartzbaugh


"Raised in New England, I developed an early love for Nature and its wondrous unfoldings. With this came a desire to share these observations and experiences through my artwork. Eventually discovering photography, I explored its elements - pushing and pulling at boundaries, reveling in the poetic grit and tangibility of film and the messages conveyable within a framed space. I am moved to capture, in windows of time, a catalyst to a smile, inspiration to give back, the desire to fight back, sudden compulsion to run out and collect fireflies, or just to stop...breathe and wonder. My work is created out of desire to reignite awareness, not just of our potential individually, but of the innate power of humanity as a collective, and of the 'everyday' wonders of the world around us.

In 2011, I graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York and currently am based in Miami, working with film, alternative process and digital imagery."

Studio #30
Medium: Photography
Birth Place: USA

Phone: 619.246.6042