Karla Caprali


"My objective with my artwork is to create meticulously crafted pieces of art in paper or textiles. Most of my works in the past few years have been painting and drawing until a couple of years ago when I started to feel inclined to bring my best to paper and textiles. I have sought to contemplate and celebrate life's questions and wander through the slow process of drawing, cutting paper, hand stitching fabric and painting. I have always believed that there is enough in anyone's life to tell a story or write a book, and as much as I would love to write I feel I am better off expressing myself with visual poetry. So much of my inspiration comes from my upbringing in my native land of Brazil, everything is reminiscent of memories of it's scents, colors, and culture and explore the different stories of it's past, and present in specific meanings of patterns and designs. Through my ideas I seek to speak with the viewers quietly and reverently about feminine and domestic subjects, and some political and polemic matters of the contemporary world as well."

Studio #38
Medium: Works on paper
Birth Place: Brazil

Phone: 305.801.6188
Email: karla@caprali.com
Website: caprali.com