Julio Hochberg

"Art has been part of my life as far as I can remember. I express myself through the art that I create. I feel most fulfilled when I work with different media to bring alive a piece of work. Although I consider myself a sculptor, my artwork has evolved into a wide spectrum of other art forms. When carving I infuse a recognizable form with a sense of the past, a place, and a worth.This combination gives my artwork a profound historical perspective. Stone, wood, and bronze have all been the media I use to create art and emotion. I am currently exploring sculpture animation by means of cinematic techniques. I use wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes to produce moving images that resemble cities as a growing organism, as I enjoy working with combining various styles and concepts. But it is always the challenge of the new project, time after time, that opens an emotional space for me in which to pursue my work further."

Email: drhamburger@gmail.com

Studio # 16
Primary Discipline: Sculpture
Brazilian American