Jenna Efrein

"I am not crazy.
I am just determined.
I was created; therefore, to create is only natural.
But to connect with you, that is the work.

Creating bridges with individuals is my method of building a strong and supportive community. Through body and object I amplify an element of myself. Some states of being are so consuming they take me over. I seek to externalize the internal using visual metaphors. The predominant connection I wish to make is to share my humanity with you.

I communicate my vulnerabilities through performance, material choice, composition, and context. Often, I use the human form combined with material to generate a third being, a surrogate connector. As a visual person I wonder: how can I release something that I cannot hold? Manifesting my feelings into a tangible form helps me better understand, claim, and release them. I do not always want to share, but by doing so I find catharsis. Then I find you, the one who identifies. 

We are together for a moment. "



Studio # 62
Medium: Glass, Metals, Mixed
Brooklyn, NY