Irena Gapkovska


President and Founder of NGO Art Studio (an independent, non profit art studio in Skopje, Macedonia, since 1998), Irena earned a Masters Degree in Graphic Art from St. Kyril Methodiy University Fine Art Academy in Skopje with her thesis on Symbolism in Art. Educated in a very traditional manner, she takes inspiration from the moments and impressions from life: “Our deeply visual culture shows the fascination humanity has always had with the power of images within the context of Byzantine art.

"As a Macedonian artist, the influence of the Byzantine is present in my work in many different ways. My images are usually rather surrealistic in style and I focus on the human figure in a symbolic manner. By using the aesthetics of ancient Macedonian and Byzantine art to express the spirituality of the subject, I make a bridge between abstract and figurative realities, combining them in an authentic manner with an intellectual approach to make a unique visual story of symbolic expression.”

Studio #26
Medium: Painting
Birth Place: Macedonia