Ian Fichman


"Artwork is designed so that the viewer, with knowledge of only the title, can come to understand its most basic meaning: the main component to achievement is perseverance through will power, and without it, nothing of real value can be successfully created. Each piece depicts physical actions that humans perform as they struggle to reach their goals, or to put it simply, there is no progress without struggle. Through my work, I deconstruct the cliche, the old truths that no one listens to anymore. I display them as truth, as part of the human experience. They lack individual facial characteristics as they represent our commonality as human beings. Being a piece of the earth itself, the stones represent our surroundings, or things within our surroundings. With every new piece, I continue to explore the relationship between and the effects that humans have on the things around them."

Studio #1 & 12
Medium: Sculpture | Illustration
Birth Place: USA

Phone: 305.335.8645
Email: ianfichman@gmail.com
Website: ianfichman.com