Gerbi Tsesarskaia


"I was born in Ukraine, spent most of my childhood in Siberia, behind the lake Baikal. Greatly intrigued by math and physics, I pursued a Master's degree in mechanical engineering, from St.petersburg Marine Technical University in Russia. After working several years as an engineer, I moved to Budapest, Hungary, where I met my future husband and started a family. I was always interested in arts. Moving to a new country, embracing its culture and learning its language marked the drastic change in my professional life. While living in Budapest I worked as art books seller, an interpreter, a seamstress and finally as a marionette puppet maker in the National Puppet Theater. When my husband was accepted to the University of Miami's Ph.D program in Musicology my family moved to Miami, where I lived and worked since. Here in the States i got involved with ceramics and in 2005 graduated from Florida Atlantic University with M.F.A.. I currently work as an independent artist in the Bakehouse Art Complex and occasionally teach ceramics courses in local Universities: Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami and Miami International University of Art and Design.

I am forever captivated by the magic of porcelain: its beauty, pristine whiteness, serenity and its unique ability to become translucent, to filter and radiate light through its surface. As a clay artist I attribute at least three layers of meaning to the porcelain pieces I create. At the conceptual level they metaphoric vessels to receive, to hold and share light. At the level of artistic expression, they are objects embodying a sense of beauty, distilled in me through years of study and observation. At the level of everyday reality, they are simple and useful utensils, active assistants in our mundane existence."

Studio #23
Medium: Ceramics
Birth Place: Ukraine

Phone: 954.701.6910