Gary Fonseca


"Through the use of plastic I achieve tension of, claustrophobic overgrowth. My plastic sculptures become alive and undulate, creating excitement which causes the viewer to react as they watch it grow, inflating into dominant, forceful organic forms that are reminiscent of intestines, a penis, an earthworm, a tunnel, or three-dimensional graffiti. They dominate and take over the entire space; maybe even breaking out of the space. The sculptures become vital to their environment as intestines are to the body and earthworm is to a hole, and graffiti to the wall.

I choose to work with plastic aware of the vital contributions to everyday life both positive and negative. Plastics have played a large role in the medical world, but it is also one of the many reasons for the epidemic of global warming. I wish to portray the irony of self-destruction for the pursuit of survival."

Studio #57
Birth Place:
Medium: Painting/Sculpture/Ceramic/Jewelry

Phone: 305.218.7586