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Performance and Artist Talk: Qinza Najm | Tabdeeli

  • Bakehouse Art Complex 561 NW 32 St Miami United States (map)

Tabdeeli, meaning “transformation” in Urdu, is a performance exploring cultural, political, and personal displacement. The movements of the dancers represent a journey that depends on the individual’s determination to reach his/her full potential, to change his/her narrative from one of trauma to healing. The audience becomes witness to this transformation and is encouraged to consider how their own narratives can be rewritten. Notions of resisting, pushing against, and transcending barriers, taboos, and social and political norms are expressed through the dancers, who stretch and struggle within the translucent fabric constricting their movements. 

Tabdeeli was originally performed at the Queens Museum in 2017.

About Qinza Njam
Qinza Njam is a Pakistani-American artist whose work explores gendered violence and female subjectivity. Utilizing performance, multimedia, video, and painting. Njam lives and works in New York. She is currently doing a three-month residency at the Bakehouse Art Complex.