Doris Rodriguez


Everyday urban scenes and moments in the life of people is the main subject of my work. I am concerned with issues relating to the urban experience, personal and social intimacy, economical and social hierarchy, isolation, identity and how politics and media affect our perception of ourselves and each other. I use the human figure as a focal point. Painting the subject out of their original context, elevating the person from the reality in which they live in to another dimension. I combine different materials and techniques which provide metaphor and contrast to the real world environment of the figure. The narratives that flow through the series are drawn from my subjects, social and news media, and my personal life experiences.

More than show my subjects as I see them, I seek to portrait them with dignity, as human beings trying to do their best to make their way in the world. I hope to be able to show the beauty, the humanity, of all the children and families I encounter. More than this, I strive to depict them with compassion and empathy.

Luz y Agua Oil on canvas 30"x 120"

Luz y Agua
Oil on canvas
30"x 120"

Studio #10U
Medium: Mixed Media
Birth Place: Dominican Republic

Phone: (305)263-0351