Daniel G. Tomas


Daniel G. Tomas was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, but his hometown though is in Punta del Este, Uruguay. He began his artistic formation studying Art at the Polytechnic of Central London. He also studied Filmmaking at Bournemouth College of Art in England. His early jobs in Argentina were as an Art Director for publicity agencies, and a scriptwriter for television commercials. It then lead him to directing films (commercials for television). He is an artist and a film director. His first solo exhibition as an artist was in Caracas Venezuela at El Muro. From then on he has exhibited his work in galleries at Bournemouth (England), Buenos Aires, London, Rio de Janeiro, Punta del Este, and Vancouver BC. Canada. At the moment his work is exhibited at Galeria Tejeria Lopacher, Galeria La Ciudadela, and Galeria Los Caracoles (Punta del Este). His work belongs to several private collections in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Miami, Rio, Punta del Este, and Vancouver. He now lives and works in Miami.

"For me, art is a language of joy and an expression of the soul. Painting, once it has touched your soul, never leaves you. With each painting, my essence is expressed on canvas and I go deeper within myself through my work. Over the years I have seen both my process of creating art, and the resulting work evolve to express more of myself. As I search for balance, harmony, and equilibrium in life, so does my art express these qualities. I believe in creating something that shows truth and expresses the moment I am in. My work carries a strong expression of color and vibrancy, as well as balance and harmony. I like to create pieces that show elements within elements, separate pieces that are ultimately unified. What brings meaning to my work is when a finished piece is enjoyed by viewers and has meaning to them, even if the interpretation is different than I intended or saw within the piece. Ultimately, I believe in capturing what I observe in nature, what I am continuously learning from life, and how my mind process it. Each painting tells a story, and I wait to hear that story before starting the next one. I am never attached to any rules or process, but follow my inner guide in creating art. Art has to flow and express what the soul has to say. When I work, I use a variety of mixed media and materials on canvas and paper. There is nothing greater in life than to find joy in what you do, and there’s nothing I love more than creating art. "

Studio #44
Medium: Painter
Birth Place: Argentina

Phone: 305.934.8041
Email: tomasdani@gmail.com
Website: danielgtomas.com