Dana Donaty


Dana Donaty was raised in New Jersey, coming with a unique blend of Colombian, Peruvian, Italian, Irish and American backgrounds. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA. After living in London, England for twelve years she relocated in 2006 to Florida, where she now lives and works.

Widely recognized for her provocative canvases with unusual narrative, Donaty’s unmistakable satirical lexicon is a perfect collision of reality and fantasy, outlandish burlesque, psychological flirtation and a super charged palette that is like a party about to get thoroughly out of control.

She has completed many award winning public art projects, featured in over 50 national and international publications. She has garnered multiple awards within the design industry, as she has been sought after to create unique commissions for high profile residential and commercial projects.

Her work has been exhibited at The Cornell Museum of Art, as well as international art fairs like Art Palm Beach, Art Boca Raton, the American International Fine Art Fair, Scope and major group shows throughout Florida. Selected solo shows include 'Reality Check' sponsored by South Florida Ford; Paul Fisher Gallery in Palm Beach. Her work is in both public and private collections in the US, and Europe. 

My work comes from an interest in satirical playfulness, fragments of timeless memory where nothing is sacred. Thinking about the process of how things come into being, how this art is formed, conceived and recognized.

Every part of my art-making is a series of actions and reactions. I place virgin canvas underneath the “in-process” painting on my easel. Intentionally, I am ‘collecting’ the excess paint that is flung, splattered, scraped, spilled and off loaded. Just like the canvas before it, the floor work is then raised to eye level. From the aggregation of Rorschach-like blots of primordial color, a fresh and daring composition and a new group of figurative characters emerge. Their shape serves as stimulus for free association – in fact, almost any irregular free shape can spark off the associative process. This is a central part of my creative process – an intrinsic aspect that my work can't exist without. Giving life to a cast of characters; each exhibiting the vitality of their individual freedom, each one leading to another – until they exhaust their possibilities – and create, conceptually, a visual display of memories sourced from the subconscious.

In addition to this auto-associative memory process, I often assimilate ideas or phrases from things people say or from books on audio that I hear, or overhear, while I am working. My process mirrors the way in which we learn, we cannot ultimately control how information finds us or how we process it. Therefore, I regard chance as the organizing principle employed in constructing each painting. 

Studio #48
Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio
Medium: Painter