Dan Schneiger


"From an early age, I was captivated by the work of masters like Louise Nevelson, Picasso and Richard Neutra. My mother pursued an art degree, so I was surrounded by her 1960s and '70s design books as well as paint, clay, fabric, plaster, charcoal, canvas and metals. I never played much with traditional toys, as those tactile art materials became my playthings and I learned to express myself through art. At the age of nine when I sold my first piece—a wood scrap adorned with glow-in-the-dark poster paints—I knew that art was my calling.

That passion for art and design led me to a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota. Since graduating in 1997, I have worked professionally on a broad range of architectural projects including public schools and residential, office and retail developments. In my free time, I continued to express myself through a variety of art forms including interior design, painting and sculpture.

The purchase of my current home, a 1964 mid-century modern structure in Minneapolis, led me to my biggest artistic accomplishment and current passion: the creation of a new sculptural technique. With long, white walls and expanses of glass, the house cried out for bold, large-scale art that was beyond my financial reach. So I began to experiment with “found” materials to create art that was innovative and appropriate to the modern design of the house.

Since 2006, I have refined this sculptural technique into a variety of artistic and commercial applications. What appear to be solid cast pieces are actually hand-crafted assemblages of new and reclaimed materials including wood, fiber board, plaster and paint. As wall-mounted installations, freestanding pieces and lighting elements, these sculptures demonstrate my exploration of the symbiosis between art and architecture and the tension between technology and handcraft."

Studio #9
Birth Place: USA
Medium: Mixed Media