Second Friday: Recently Acquired, Overstated Realities & A Bridge Between Worlds

Second Friday

Join the Bakehouse for our monthly Second Friday Art Walk featuring the debut of three new shows, open artists' studios, food, beverages and live music!

$5.00 at the door!

Recently Acquired

Recently Acquired is an initiative the Bakehouse started seven years ago, as an opportunity to introduce to the public the work of our newer artists – those who joined us within the last year. In this occasion, the exhibition has been curated by renown gallerist Mindy Solomon after conducting studio visits.

As it is the nature of the artists’ selection, the works are not chosen after certain theme or concept, but out of their artistic quality and in their capacity to dialogue with each other. They are a reflection of the richness and diversity of the voices in our community of artists. Installation, painting and sculpture, among other media address a myriad of topics, by artists Rafael Barros, Maria Theresa Barbist, Jenna Efrein, Julio Hochberg, Kyoko Matsuyama, Doris Rodriguez, Claudio Roncoli, Donna Ruff and Andrea Spiridonakos.

The exhibition will run from May 13 to June 12, 2016.

Overstated Realities

Overstated Realities brings together the work of artists who regard process as a core element in their work. Through different media and concepts, they have come up with their own methodologies and sets of rules to be applied in their creative endeavor. The resulting products are personal, fictional or enhanced worlds where dynamism, movement and horror vacui are a common language.

Dana Donaty produces fantastic creatures out of the initial dripping and messiness of canvases that have served as backdrops for previous works. Seemingly playful, colorful characters emerge from stains and rainbow-like swirls to inundate the surfaces. Some of them come out of the painting to exist as sculptures, or to become part of an installation, as is in this case.

As a photographer, Alexander Heria is obsessed with exploring new ways of representing reality. In the series Atmosphere, he uses his mechanical Hasselblad camera to expose the negative several times, while shooting at flowers and trees. The resulting images are compositions full of movement where the subjects appear both sharply defined and blurry, over and over again, as if they had been subjected to digital processes, or as if our vision had started to fail.

Finally, Monica Leslie Travis creates a site-specific installation inspired by the Big Bang theory, resembling a big explosion of metal. Steel objects – either from former works, or found in the street, some abstract and others as recognizable as a motorcycle chain– are suspended in the space. In a performatic action, the artist generates particles by grinding steel. The small pieces adhere to the objects which have been magnetized in different ways, and spread all over the floor, creating textures.

Overstated Realities will be on view at the Bakehouse Reception Hall from May 13 through June 12, 2016.

A Bridge Between Worlds

Allison Fay’s “A Bridge Between Worlds” is the artist’s first solo exhibition since earning her BFA in Photography at University of North Florida in 2015 and features handmade jewelry, editorial photography, and a site specific installation. In “A Bridge Between Worlds” we see Fay flex her muscles as actress, set designer, makeup artist, costume maker, artisan, photographer, graphic designer and then merge these varied disciplines into a cohesive body of sculptures, images, and peripheral works.

Ultimately Fay uses a variety of materials and mediums as tools to interpret her spirit, work with her conscious body, and actively build an architecture of self through performance, craft, and portraiture.

This Show will be on view at the Swenson Gallery from May 13 through June 12, 2016.