Second Friday Opening of Rocking Gently & Joyride: the journey from sculpture to children’s book

Featuring the opening of Rocking Gently in the Audrey Love Gallery and Joyride: the journey from sculpture to children’s book in the Swenson Gallery, the evening’s theme will play with the vastly differing styles of the presenting artists. There be a specialty bar featuring rocking gently cocktails, the music of Awkward Kisser and The Purple People Eater Food Truck. Along with a Raffle of an original work from Mike Rivamonte’s new children’s book,  

Exhibitions Opening 
Audrey Love Gallery
Works by Andres Martinez and Gerbi Tsesarskaia
Curated by Jacqueline Falcone

While Andres Martinez and Gerbi Tsesarskaia have drastically different practices, the artists each use their work to examine the global and personal worlds simultaneously, both in practice and concept. Tsesarskaia’s technique creates forms that resemble or imitate the workings of natural forces: fierce winds, huge bodies of water, and all-penetrating sand dunes, which can wear away and transform geological structures, like rocks. Martinez deals with the duality found within oneself and our surrounding environment, utilizing a number of materials without any particular aesthetic boundaries. Bringing together Martinez’s limitless practice and Tsesarskaia’s reflective discipline displayed in her grolleg porcelain “rolling/rocking” bowls, the exhibition displays two lives, both devoid of traditional stability, both rocking gently, finding their own sense of balance.

Swenson Gallery
Works by Mike Rivamonte

Sculptor and illustrator Mike Rivamonte introduces you to two adorable aliens - Marty and Otto and their first adventure. Explore his six year journey to create his first children’s book- Marty and Otto in Joyride. On display is the original sculpture and sketches that inspired the artist to create a book. The artist shares the process of dreaming up and creating Marty and Otto’s world from thumbnails to final paintings.