Blue Stage Concert Series Presents Innovative Intermedia Composer Jarek Kapuscinski

Jarek Kapuscinski is an intermedia composer and pianist whose work have been presented at New York’s MOMA; ZKM in Karlsruhe; Centre Pompidou in Paris; and Reina Sofia Museum in Marid, among others. He has received awards at the UNESCO Film sur l’Art festival in Paris, VideoArt Festival Locarno, and FNCNM in Montréal. He was first trained as a pianist and composer at the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and expanded into multimedia during studies at the University of California, San Diego (1992-1997). Currently, he is Assistant Professor of composition and intermedia at Stanford University.


This program is a retrospective of Kapuscinski’s work stretching from Mondrian Variations, an early work that defined his interest in composing with sounds and images both conceived simultaneously, “painted on a single canvas” to his recent fascination with Chopin and the micro-expressions in faces of people from around the world as they listen to music. The first one was a result of rather solitary process while the latter involved travel to 12 different countries and private one-on one-sessions with over 150 people. Each of the works has a rich story of its ownmaking. Having no space (or time) for that, I can probably say just a few words about the creative interests that unite them all.