Swenson Shots -- Serena Dominguez -- Y bueno, que se le va a hacer/No queda otra

Open Daily: 12:00 pm -- 5:00 pm

Serena Dominguez Y bueno, que se le va a hacer/No queda otra 

'Y bueno, que se le va a hacer/No queda otra' is a phrase my grandma repeats daily. In English, it means "Oh well, what can you do/There's no other way."  This show is inspired by her mahantra and relentless indifference/endurance. Through the use of pen and ink 'Y bueno, que se le va a hacer/No queda otra' serve as narrative vignettes of my own optimistic and complacent blasé. 

About Swenson Shots

Swenson Shots is designed to give emerging artists their first experience producing a gallery show from start to finish and provide a space for a more experienced artist to experiment and showcase a new line of work. The shows will have a fast turnaround, with artists having the space from Monday to Sunday with an opening on Wednesday. This is just enough time to set up, have an opening, lead a talk, document the show, and conduct private visits with curators, gallerists, and potential buyers. This complete, soup-to-nuts opportunity is key to launching promising careers beyond the studio and into the professional art world.


Featured Artists:

Jan. 26-Feb. 1    (opens 1/28)      Serena Dominguez

Feb. 2-8              (opens 2/4)          Harvey Zipkin and Jason Aponte

Feb. 9-15            (opens 2/11)       Marla Brandt

Feb. 16-22          (opens 2/18)       Keaton Fox

Feb. 23-Mar. 1   (opens 2/25)     Aleister Eaves

Show openings and art talks occur each Wednesday as listed above at 6pm. Hope you can join us for one or more!