Swenson Shots -- AG -- Alles Gut -- Opening & Art Talk

Alles Gut -- Swenson Shots presents Alles Gut, an exhibition by Alan Gutierrez and Aramis Gutierrez which attempts to cultivate a serendipitous connection between the two painters which may or may not exist regardless of their appellative coincidence.

About Swenson Shots

Swenson Shots is designed to give emerging artists their first experience producing a gallery show from start to finish and provide a space for a more experienced artist to experiment and showcase a new line of work. The shows will have a fast turnaround, with artists having the space from Monday to Sunday with an opening on Wednesday. This is just enough time to set up, have an opening, lead a talk, document the show, and conduct private visits with curators, gallerists, and potential buyers. This complete, soup-to-nuts opportunity is key to launching promising careers beyond the studio and into the professional art world.


Featured Artists:

Jan. 12-18            (opens 1/14)      AG

Jan. 19-25            (opens 1/21)      Gustavo Oviedo

Jan. 26-Feb. 1    (opens 1/28)      Serena Dominguez

Feb. 2-8              (opens 2/4)          Harvey Zipkin and Jason Aponte

Feb. 9-15            (opens 2/11)       Marla Brandt

Feb. 16-22          (opens 2/18)       Keaton Fox

Feb. 23-Mar. 1   (opens 2/25)     Aleister Eaves

Show openings and art talks occur each Wednesday as listed above at 6pm. Hope you can join us for one or more!