Anica Shpilberg


"Images are the language of my thoughts. I am inspired by my surroundings and experiences lived.  Color is integral to the story, and my aim is to make the story a personal one, yet one the viewer can enter and share.

Sorting thru the images that “make sense”, I weave them into fragments that tell a story.  Some are printed on canvas, others or paper and mixed media.  Some I leave pristine.  The purpose of it all is to capture instances in time that form a narrative, one that is interpreted by the observers who add their biases as they reflect on the images.

This series explores the doors of Gallipoli, an ancient town on the heel of Italy’s boot.  The doors tell the story of civilizations that traveled the Ionian Sea, its locks the perils of its hardy residents, leaving the rest of the story to the imagination."

Studio #46
Medium: Photographer
Birth Place: Peru

Phone: 305.868.9488