Amalia Brujis


"The main subject of my paintings is people. At the beginning of my career I painted these “walkers” running towards the horizon, melting in the distance with the colors of the sand and the ocean of the Peruvian coast. The complexity of the human interaction of the streets Miami and other big cities, has now given me a new source of inspiration. I paint people in the urban areas but without the architecture, as I leave the setting to the viewer’s imagination. I found there is always something new to paint about when working with a specific subject. There is a psychological aspect that I find fascinating, and that is to convey the memory of the places the people walk. In the series of “walkers/memory” I tried to capture the energy left by others who walked the same space before. And other times I want to convey movement, the act of the subject moving forward by the color, paint strokes and the source of light. I always look at the crowds and how we all move in different directions, each of us with its own story, looking for a better future."

Studio #10
Medium: Painting
Birth Place: Peru

Phone: 305.333.1221