Alexander Heria


Alexander Heria was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1961. He moved to Miami, Florida at age ten. Heria received a BFA in photography from Florida International University, Miami in 1992, and his MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston in 1994. He has taught photography and graphic design for over 15 years at Miami International University of Art & Design, as well as Florida International University, Miami Dade College, and, recently, at University of Miami. His photography has been exhibited locally and is in numerous private collections. In 2007, Heria was a recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship. He was an artist-in-residence at the ArtCenter/South Florida for 9 years, and currently has set up shop in the Bakehouse Arts Complex in Wynwood.

"How curious when things look a certain way, a clear and understandable way, a sure way that brings comfort in old definitions; how wonderful when a photograph of those same things creates a brand new set of meanings and connections. All of my work explores the extraordinary Technicolor reality that exists just next to whatever you’re looking at right this very minute.

 My work has always been a search of a place and a clan I could call my own. Born in New Jersey to Cuban immigrant parents, I am part of a subculture known as Cubichis. Subsequently, I have wholeheartedly belonged to two worlds while being truly integrated to neither. It seems to facilitate my stance as observer in so many of the subjects I make art about.

 I like to work in series. Early on I was taught to make art that relates to your life. So when I was recovering from a break-up, a new camera/format/subject was the perfect thing and the perfect time. Making pictures that are a mistake/surprise every time fills me with joy. Stopping on the exits ramps on highways while bored driving translated into an exploration of highways around the country. A childhood love of carnival rides has grown to a series of fairs all across the Midwest.

 I am drawn to places whose essences can take on grander, flashier or more extravagant appearances by way of the photographic process. I enjoy the medium of photography for this quest; it has an uncanny ability to record faithfully the scene depicted while creating surprising new relationships simultaneously.

Taken out of context and stared at, not for its documentary significance but as a new parable of quotidian existence, the image lives as a new being."

Studio #6U
Birth Place : New Jersey
Media: Photographer