Alain Castoriano


"Actually, my paintings are not paintings... they are things! They are not "images" or fictitious realities, they are objects in their own right, they are what they appear to be: things of pure color, shape, and material. The work I'm trying to develop does not signify any esoteric self-referentiality.

These shapes, as they crowd the canvas, are forms; massive forms, constructions, structures of protean forces, of tremendous mass, weight and volume, pressed against the limits of the surface, they nearly "engulf" the space they occupy.

It is a competition between the form and the surface it occupies... a fight for dominance. In doing so, my main concern is to create a "presence", a physical presence that engages not only the viewer but also the space it inhabits.

The viewer is in a way, pushed back by the weight and density of these shapes and then drawn back by the tactile aspect of the layered colors."

Studio #36
Medium: Painting
Birth Place: France

Phone: 786.259.4613